Freight Performance Measure Systems (FPMS) System Evaluation and Data Analysis


Chen-Fu Liao

January 2008

Report no. CTS 08-01

One of the key measures of freight performance along interstate corridors in the United States is the average speed of travel. This report documents the findings and analysis of the ATRI Freight Performance Measure (FPM) database systems and investigates a potential FPM system design that can efficiently and effectively processes more and larger Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) datasets collected from various trucking companies. The current FPM system at ATRI was evolved from its previous system based on GIS software. The averaged speed calculations resulting from the data process of each FPM system are somewhat different. Analysis of the average speed calculation and investigation of speed differences are discussed in chapter one. FPM database system analysis and comparison are included in chapter two. The final chapter presents an ideal FPM system and requirements needed for migration.

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