Enhancing Transportation: The Effects of Public Involvement in Planning and Design Processes - Full Report


Carissa Schively Slotterback, Meagan Beekman, Cynthia Carlson, Jenn Reed

September 2007

Report no. CTS 07-10



This research examines the nature and effects of inclusive and effective participation in the planning and design of transportation facilities. The study develops a common base of information to guide the development and organization of planning and design processes for transportation facilities and provide a consistent methodology for evaluating process outcomes. The study places a particular focus on the criteria for effective participation, techniques used to engage the public, as well as the implications of public involvement on type, location, design, and program for transportation projects. In addition, the research identifies broader community benefits associated with effective participation processes. The study includes an additional focus on understanding the role of professional design experts in participatory processes. Six transportation project case studies are examined, pointing to a number of lessons to be considered by designers, agencies, and the public. The study concludes with best practices for public involvement in planning and design processes for transportation projects.

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