Development and application of on-line strategies for optimal intersection control. Phase I, Review of advanced control strategies.


Yorgos Stephanedes

December 1992

Report no. CTS 92-13-S

SCOOT, SCATS, PRODYN and OPAC represent the state-of-the-art control strategies for signalized traffic network management by employing advanced control concept such as demand-responsive, on-line timing generation with adaptive features. While there have been individual tests of the above state-of-the-art control strategies by various agencies, no comprehensive effort has been made to evaluate and quantify the performance of each strategy, especially in terms of their applicability to both loops and video detection. This research reviews the advanced intersection control strategies developed to date. Due to the lack of field evaluation that can directly compare each control strategy, this study focused on the theoretical principles and implementation issues found from the literature. Further, the existing intersection control systems in three major cities in the U.S. and Canada are analyzed and their control algorithms are introduced. Finally, the current status of the video detection development is also reviewed.

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