Crack and Concrete Deck Sealant Performance


Karl Johnson, Arturo Schultz, Catherine French, Jacob Reneson

March 2009

Report no. Mn/DOT 2009-13

The objective of this project is to define the current state-of-the-art regarding the use of bridge deck sealants and crack sealers to extend the life of reinforced concrete bridge decks. The report includes the information generated from a literature review and survey which focused on current and significant studies in the field of deck and crack sealing. The intent of the survey was to determine common practices for the use and application of these sealers in different States throughout the United States. Based on the information collected from the literature review and the survey, the best sealant materials and application practices are recommended for use in Minnesota and throughout the Midwest. The report consists of four sections including: (1) a synthesis of the literature review on the background, application, and performance of concrete deck sealants and crack sealers; (2) a summary of the survey conducted by Mn/DOT to determine the current selection criteria, materials, application practices, and findings from different states in United States; (3) an assessment of selection criteria, materials, application practices, and performance; and (4) conclusions, recommendations and areas in need of further research.

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