Collision avoidance : smart trucks on rural roads


Craig Shankwitz, Max Donath

March 1995

Report no. Mn/DOT 1995-11


Safety, Trucking

With interest in collision avoidance technology for highway vehicles on the rise, this report presents an overview of current collision avoidance technology, the technical work required to bring these systems to a commercially viable product, and the societal issues that need addressing before wide-scale deployment can occur. Many questions remain about the benefits of deploying such systems, the costs, the effect of these systems on drivers, and the steps necessary to effectively regulate vehicles equipped with such systems.

In addition to technical aspects, the report also discusses the issues that society will face during development and deployment of these systems, which may prove bigger impediments to deployment than technical issues. The report also recommends a research plan to perform fair, unbiased evaluations of emerging collision avoidance technology.

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