An Asphalt Paving Tool for Adverse Conditions


Bruce Chadbourn, Dave Newcomb, Vaughan Voller, Rachel Desombre, James Luoma, David Timm

June 1998

Report no. MnDOT 1998-18

Poor compaction can lead to early deterioration of an asphalt pavement. It often happens when paving occurs during adverse weather conditions. Yet, in Minnesota, paving must often occur under adverse conditions. A new tool now simulates the cooling of an asphalt mat behind the paver under a variety of environmental conditions. The software, PaveCool Version 2.0, offers users insights into how adverse climate conditions will affect their ability to produce a durable, quality road surface. Users input the type of existing surface, type of asphalt mix, and weather conditions. The output shows a cooling curve with recommended compaction starting and stopping times. Field tests confirm the value of this program as an aid to cold weather paving. A Windows program, PaveCoo12.0 runs on laptop computers (Windows 95, 98, or NT required). This report documents the study of thermal properties and compactibility of hot-mix asphalt, related laboratory tests on the thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity of hot-mix asphalt at typical compaction temperatures, a literature review, and testing results. It also includes a copy of the PaveCaol Version 2.0 software.

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