A Research Plan and Report on Factors Affecting Culvert Pipe Service Life in Minnesota


Craig Taylor, Jeff Marr

September 2012

Report no. MnDOT 2012-27

Culvert pipe material selection has traditionally been a relatively simple task involving metal or concrete pipe. In recent years, the addition of coated metal and plastic pipe has led the federal government to implement a rule requiring the consideration of alternative pipe materials. The current MnDOT Drainage Manual provides limited guidance on the selection of pipe material. The manual is lacking detailed information on the influence of environmental conditions on pipe durability in Minnesota. It is necessary to provide updated, accurate information on pipe material and durability for factors directly related to Minnesota. To reach this goal, the availability and suitability of existing data, as well as the practices associated with predicting pipe life spans must be evaluated. This report is the result of the initial feasibility study for a larger project(s) to update the MnDOT Drainage Manual. The goal for this report is to identify knowledge gaps, produce a research plan that will guide future research, and draw any pipe materials conclusions possible using the data available.

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