2019 CTS Annual Report

We all benefit.

Impacts Report 2019

2019 CTS report cover showing transit, biking, delivery, and car mirror










Laurie McGinnis

"Everyone benefits from transportation…which means everyone benefits from transportation research. The University of Minnesota provides a wellspring of ideas to make transportation better, and it prepares the workforce to put those ideas to work. Following are some highlights from FY19."
Laurie McGinnis, CTS director




Revenues: $15,490,000
Federal 16%
State of Minnesota 43%
Regional/Local 15%
University of Minnesota 12%
Other 14%


5             patents/licenses applied for; 3 granted
16          proposals secured by interdisciplinary research teams
22          new products or practices developed
104        peer-reviewed publications
172        active projects


63          committees, councils, and other stakeholder groups convened
191        media stories referencing U transportation research and outreach
4,063    participants at events


23          U students in CTS-facilitated internships
36          Ph.D. and master’s graduates
497        K-12 students in CTS activities
5,936    participants in customized training and technical assistance programs

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