Transportation Infrastructure Research Council

This council focuses primarily on pavement and bridge research. Topics include materials, pavement performance, bridge design and maintenance, innovative construction and contracting, deicing and corrosion, and water impacts. Council activities include:

  • Providing advice during research project activities.
  • Identifying and advancing emerging research needs and opportunities.
  • Participating in seminars and other mechanisms to disseminate research results.
  • Assisting in planning the annual CTS Research Conference.

Council Membership

Chair: Kristy Morter, Hennepin County (2021-2024)
Vice Chair: Beth Engum, Bolton & Menk, Inc. (2021-2024)

Council members are appointed by the CTS director on behalf of the CTS Executive Committee, following nomination by the council chair. Approximately one-third of council members are University faculty or staff. Non-University members include a balance of business, government, and other interests.

A membership rotation occurs every three years. Though members may serve more than one consecutive three-year term, an effort is made to rotate approximately one-third of council membership during a rotation year. In addition to members, "friends" of councils also participate in council activities. New members will often be drawn from friends who are active within councils.


The Council meets a minimum of three times per year; fall and winter meetings are generally held in conjunction with research seminars.

Get Involved

If you are interested in becoming a friend of the council, please contact Samantha Hahn-Douville, CTS program coordinator, at 612-626-5854 or