Ted Morris

Ted Morris
Research Engineer
Computer Science & Engineering


Ted Morris's research interests are utilizing roadside and in-vehicle/robotic ITS sensing technologies for assessing traffic and road user behaviors and control. He has served as research technical lead, and co-principle and co-investigator, for several federally and locally supported projects for designing and implementing novel field-deployable camera sensor systems for security, vehicle, and pedestrian traffic; HOV enforcement monitoring, automated region-wide truck parking detection and notification (patent co-author); assessing traffic impacts of transportation systems within sensitive public lands; in-vehicle driver assist and autonomous control systems; robotic platform development for pavement quality assurance monitoring; and software-based educational teaching tools for engineering students and transportation practitioners. 

Morris received a master of science and bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from the University of Minnesota. He is currently a research engineer within the Minnesota Robotics Institute and the Center for Distributed Robotics. Before joining the University of Minnesota, he worked as a research engineer within the Department of Veteran’s Affairs Hines Rehabilitation Research and Development Center and as a senior project engineer for Minnesota Virtual Simulations.