23rd Annual Freight and Logistics Symposium: Freight Demand & Capacity in the Era of COVID-19

Friday, December 4, 2020

About the Symposium

This year's virtual symposium focused on freight demand and capacity in the era of COVID-19. In the keynote presentation, Joe Mahon, regional outreach director at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, discussed the regional economy, including prospects for recovery as well as short- and long-term risks.

Following the keynote, a reaction panel of government and industry representatives share their perspectives on recovery and risks.

Event Recording


  • Joe Mahon, Director, Regional Outreach, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
  • Bob Costello, Chief Economist, ATA
  • John Gray, Senior VP, Policy and Economics, AAR
  • Mike Scheef, Warroad Logistics Manager, Marvin 
  • Deb DeLuca, Executive Director, Duluth Seaway Port Authority
  • Patrick Hessini, VP, Transportation and Distribution, CHS 


The event is eligible for 2.5 Professional Development Hours (PDHs).

More Information

For more information, contact Claire Johnson at johnsoc@umn.edu.


This symposium was sponsored by the Center for Transportation Studies at the University of Minnesota, in cooperation with: