19th Annual Freight and Logistics Symposium: Supply-Chain and Freight Challenges and Opportunities in a Changing Public and Private Environment

Friday, December 2, 2016, 8:00–11:45 am

1330 Industrial Boulevard NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
United States

About the Event

The 2016 symposium addressed freight and supply-chain challenges and opportunities at the global, national, regional, and state level in a changing public and private environment.

One of the featured speakers, Chuck Clowdis, managing director of transportation with IHS Markit’s economics and country risk sector, described how data enhances the ability of an area to tell its story to prospective firms looking for the best place to locate or relocate a facility. He discussed how the use of verifiable data can support transportation planning projects to assure that a city, county, state, or region can attract businesses that play a role in both domestic and global supply-chain design. Such data also can support grant applications, site planning, and land development to better attract jobs to an area by defining the area's favorable transportation, workforce, and demographic assets.

The symposium also featured a panel discussion exploring Minnesota's freight competitiveness in our region, including how Minnesota-based companies are responding to supply-chain challenges and opportunities. The event closed with a discussion and audience Q&A focused on the effects this year's election results may have on national freight issues and state transportation funding in 2017.



Show me the Numbers: The Value of Reliable Data in Effective Supply-Chain Decision-Making

What Can We Expect in 2017 in Light of the Election Results? 
State Transportation Funding Outlook

National Freight Issues Outlook


This symposium is sponsored by the Center for Transportation Studies at the University of Minnesota, in cooperation with: