Ramsey County All-Abilities Transportation Network Internship Program

Ramsey County interns reviewing plans

This summer internship program, offered in partnership by CTS and Ramsey County, gives undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of degree programs the opportunity to gain experience in a local government setting.

As part of the program, students get the opportunity to bring their unique perspectives, experiences, and ideas to projects that plan, develop, and maintain the county’s All-Abilities Transportation Network. The internship program offers students three months of experience during the summer, with the potential to extend through the end of the 2022-2023 academic year.

Ramsey County’s All-Abilities Transportation Network, approved in 2016, aims to advance the county’s vision of "a vibrant community in which all are valued and thrive" with a commitment to creating and maintaining a transportation system that provides equitable access for all people regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual preference, health, education, abilities, and economics.

The transportation network Ramsey County strives to achieve accommodates all users, including pedestrians, bicycles, transit, motorized vehicles, and freight based on factors affecting corridors such as current travel use, land use, and community input. Related projects originate in the county's Economic Growth and Community Investment (EGCI) service team, which includes the Public Works, Community and Economic Development and Parks & Recreation departments. Interns from a variety of levels and degree programs will work within these departments and form a cohort that meets one to two times per month for educational activities.

2022 Positions

This year, the program is seeking three full-time interns. A full description of each position, including location and job duties, are provided on the Ramsey County website along with application instructions. Depending on public health guidelines related to COVID-19 at the time of the internships, interns may work remotely for some or all of their work hours.

Community and Economic Development

The Community and Economic Development Department will hire one full-time summer intern to support various aspects of Ramsey County's economic development portfolio. The CED intern should have an interest in affordable housing and/or economic development. A basic-to-intermediate understanding of GIS tools (e.g. ArcGIS) is a plus.

Public Works, Multimodal Planning Division

The Multimodal Planning Division of the Public Works Department will hire one full-time summer intern who will support planning and project management activities related to the Blueline-Riverview Connection Study, the Ramsey County 2050 Transportation Plan, the Riverview Modern Streetcar Project, and other transportation planning initiatives. Interns in the Multimodal Planning Division should have an interest in transit planning, multimodal transportation and transit-supportive land use, and a desire to learn about how agencies at different levels of government collaborate to deliver transit projects. Strong communication skills are desired and basic familiarity with GIS tools (e.g. ArcGIS) is a plus.

Public Works, Program Delivery Division

The Program Delivery Division of the Public Works Department will hire one full-time summer intern. This intern will work closely in several areas of the division including Traffic, Project Management and Design Engineering. Applicants should have an interest in Traffic Engineering, GIS, data analysis, and pedestrian and bicycle safety planning. Strong communication skills, ability to work independently, familiarity with GIS tools (ArcGIS), and ability to read and interpret construction plans are desired.

Eligibility Requirements


Minimum qualifications for the internship program include:

  • Enrollment at the undergraduate or graduate level at any college or university in one of the following degree programs or a related degree program: urban planning, urban studies, civil engineering, geography, public policy, public administration or landscape architecture.
  • At least two years of academic coursework.
  • Interest in local government and public service.

Additional preferred qualifications:

  • Interest in developing and implementing programs and policies that seek to eliminate racial, cultural, and economic disparities within the community.
  • Previous volunteer or work experience in government, nonprofits, or similar fields.
  • Proven communication and writing skills.

Candidates are required to meet minimum qualifications to be considered for the internship, but this does not guarantee acceptance into the program. Candidates will be assessed based on a combination of the listed qualifications as well as other relevant factors.


$17.81 - $21.21 per hour in 2022.

How to Apply

Visit the Ramsey County website and submit your application by 4:30 p.m. CST on January 31, 2022.

More Information

Please contact Martha Faust, martha.faust@co.ramsey.mn.us or 651-358-4341, with questions or for more information.