Matthew J. Huber Award

The Matthew J. Huber Award for Excellence in Transportation Research and Education is given to University of Minnesota graduate students demonstrating outstanding academic achievement in engineering, science, and technology fields. Up to two students are honored each year (one master's and one doctoral candidate).

The award is named in honor of the late Professor Emeritus Matthew J. Huber in recognition of his long and valuable contribution to the teaching and study of transportation.

Award Requirements

The $1,500 award is made based upon demonstration of the student's work in transportation research, writing, and other educational activities relating to transportation. Special consideration is given to applicants who have had their work accepted for presentation at a nationally recognized conference or published in a transportation journal. Other demonstrated involvement in transportation, such as related work experience, transportation coursework completed, and involvement in professional transportation organizations, is also considered. The award is also based upon the recommendation of a University faculty member.

The awards are presented at the Center's Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon.

With questions, please contact Chelsea Arbury Prorok, CTS program coordinator, at

2022 Recipients

Shi'an Wang and Michael Levin
Shi'an Wang and his advisor, Michael Levin
Kathryn Kramarczuk and Andy Erickson
Kathryn Kramarczuk with her advisor, Andy Erickson

Kathryn Kramarczuk

Kathryn Kramarczuk is a master’s student in water resources science, advised by Andy Erickson and co-advised by Jacques Finlay.

Shi’an Wang

Shi’an Wang is a doctoral candidate in civil engineering, advised by Michael Levin.

Past Recipients


Souvik Roy, civil engineering (UMD) master's program (Advisor: Manik Barman)

Pramesh Kumar, civil engineering doctoral program (Advisor: Alireza Khani)


Pengyue Wang, mechanical engineering (Advisor: Will Northrop)

Benjamin Tomhave, civil engineering (Advisor: Alireza Khani)


Yunli Shao, mechanical engineering (Advisor: Zongxuan Sun)

Vinicius Taguchi, civil engineering (Advisor: John Gulliver)


Woongsun Jeon, mechanical engineering (Advisor: Rajesh Rajamani)

Jacqueline Nowak, urban and regional planning and civil engineering (Advisor: Alireza Khani)


Mengying Cui, Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering (Advisor: David Levinson)

Jingru Gao, transportation engineering (Advisor: Gary Davis)


Maria Garcia-Serrana, Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering (Advisor: John Gulliver)

Vahid Moshtagh, transportation engineering (Advisor: Gary Davis)


Indrajit Chatterjee, Department of Civil Engineering (Advisor: Gary Davis)


Andrew Kotz, Department of Mechanical Engineering (Advisor: William Northrop)

Jianfeng Zheng, Department of Civil Engineering (Advisor: Henry Liu)


Xuan Di, civil engineering doctoral program (Advisor: Henry Liu)

Panagiotis Stanitsas, civil engineering master's program (Advisor: John Hourdos)


Augusto Cannone Falchetto, civil engineering doctoral program (Advisor: Mihai Marasteanu)  

David Bennett, mechanical engineering master's and doctoral programs (Advisor: David Kittelson)


Hai Quang Dinh, electrical and computer engineering (UMD) master's program (Advisor: Hua Tang)

Andy Erickson, civil engineering doctoral program (Advisor: John Gulliver)


Adam Ragatz, mechanical engineering master's program (Advisor: David Kittelson)

Xinkai Wu, civil engineering Ph.D. program (Advisor: Henry X. Liu)


Shan Hu, mechanical engineering master's program (Advisor: Xun Yu)

Evan Ribnick, electrical engineering Ph.D. program (Advisor: Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos)


Nebiyou Tilahun, civil engineering Ph.D. program (advisor: David Levinson)

Raul Velasquez, civil engineering Ph.D. program (Advisor: Mihai Marasteanu)


Michael Rakauskas, Research fellow with the HumanFIRST Program (Nominated by: Nic Ward)

Xiaozheng He, Department of Civil Engineering (Advisor: Henry Liu)


Adam Zofka, Department of Civil Engineering (Advisor: Mihai Marasteanu)

Harini Veeraraghaven, Computer Science and Engineering (Advisor: Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos)


Wuping Xin, Department of Civil Engineering (Advisor: Panos Michalopoulos)

Nathaniel Bird, Computer Science (Advisor: Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos)


Yufeng Guo, Urban and Regional Planning, Humphrey School (Advisor: Richard Bolan)

Eray Baran, structural engineering, Department of Civil Engineering (Advisor: Carol Shield)


Xue Li, Department of Civil Engineering (Advisor: Mihai Marasteanu)

Lei Zhang, transportation engineering, pavement engineering, Department of Civil Engineering (Advisor: David Levinson)


Mazen O. Hasna, Department of Electrical Engineering (Advisor: Mohamed-Slim Alouini)

Praveena Pidaparthi, urban and regional planning, Humphrey School (Advisor: Kevin Krizek)


Julie Cidell, Department of Geography (Advisor: John Adams)

Seshasai Kanchi, Department of Civil Engineerinng (Advisor: David Levinson)


Selma N. de Ridder, Department of Kinesiology (Advisor: Peter Hancock)

Heon Min Lim, Department of Mechanical Engineering (Advisor: Max Donath)


William R. Knecht