K–12 Lesson Plans

computer game
Students playing our traffic control game

Our K-12 lesson plans seek to provide educators with tools and interactive activities that enrich students’ learning of transportation-related topics.

Traffic Control and Engineering

This three-lesson curriculum, designed to accompany our Gridlock Buster traffic control game, helps students learn many fundamental topics related to traffic control and engineering. The lessons feature instructional materials and hands-on activities and emphasize how ever-evolving technologies help measure and model traffic flow.

Bridge Building

The Great Dinkytown Bridge Challenge: An At-Home STEM Activity

Three kids at White Earth summer camp building bridges with spaghetti and marshmallows

Spaghetti Bridge Building Activity

Wooden Bridge Building Activity

Beavers: Natural Civil Engineers

Students building a dam as part of the beaver activity
Students building a dam as part of the beaver activity

This activity helps students identify how beavers are natural engineers by exploring how they make dams. It includes an activity that allows students to create and design a dam to employ civil engineering and architectural principles.

Transportation Safety

These transportation safety lesson plans, developed by the Roadway Safety Institute, seek to provide K-12 educators with tools to enrich their students’ learning of transportation- and safety-related topics through interactive activities.

Distracted Driving

Retro-Reflectivity and Pedestrian Safety