Transit Impacts Research Program (TIRP)

The Transit Impacts Research Program (TIRP) studies the contributions of transit to mobility, economic development and job access, equity and opportunity, public well-being and safety, and sustainability. The program aims to provide information to optimize transportation investments, regional connectivity, and system effectiveness.

The program was launched in 2006 to study the impacts of investments in Twin Cities transitways. In 2023, the program's scope was expanded to include analysis of the overall transit system, including potential projects throughout Minnesota.

Recently Completed Research

  • Transitway Development and Commercial Gentrification (2022)
    Principal Investigator: Yingling Fan
    Investigates the effects of transitway development between 2000 and 2019 on businesses along transit corridors in the Twin Cities metropolitan region, specifically, commercial gentrification along the Blue Line, the Green Line, and the A Line.

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