2020 CTS Annual Report

Fast Forward: Impacts Report 2020











Laurie McGinnis

Life this year seems to be standing still—and at the same time, speeding forward. While we pause our normal activities, disruption is forcing an accelerated pace of change. At CTS, we adapted quickly to address the issues of the day while continuing our work in many other areas. Highlights are in this report. And, more than ever, we thank our supporters and send wishes for health and wellness.

—Laurie McGinnis, CTS director




3 patents/licenses applied for; 2 granted

25 new products/practices applied

87 faculty and staff with projects

118 active research projects

3,000 citations (approx.) of peer-reviewed publication


63 committees, councils, and other stakeholder groups convened

209 media stories referencing U transportation research and outreach

2,678 participants at events

23,532 subscribers of publications and social media


87 U students participating in research projects

877 K-12 students participating in CTS experiential learning activities

4,993 participants in customized training and technical assistance programs