Summer campers learn from local agency staff

Girls at a summer camp looking at road segments

The Minnesota Local Technical Assistance Program (MnLTAP) coordinated participation by transportation agency and industry representatives in two youth summer camps: Eureka! and Discover STEM. The camps were offered by the U’s College of Science and Engineering

MnLTAP is administered by CTS and sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration, Minnesota Local Road Research Board, and MnDOT

For the Eureka! camp, Kristin Asher and Olivia Wycklendt from the City of Richfield talked about public works with 21 girls in grades 6–8. The students also designed model roads and presented their work. 

In the Discover STEM camp, presenters discussed civil engineering, geotechnical testing, and project estimating. Participants were John Rodeberg (SEH), Alan Offerman (Stantec), Chinou Vue and Cole Wright (MnDOT), and Brian Schreurs and Andrew Valerius (Braun Intertec).

MnLTAP would like to partner with more local agencies on youth outreach efforts. If you are interested or have leads, please contact Katherine Stanley at 612-626-1023.

—Pam Snopl, CTS senior editor


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