MnDOT Geometric Design Institute

Aerial view of a roadway interchange

The Institute features four three-day workshops that educate Minnesota transportation practitioners on the fundamentals of roadway design. Participants will use design theory, MnDOT standards, and equations to learn the fundamental principles of roadway design. Topics include performance-based practical design, horizontal alignment, vertical alignment, superelevation, quantities, earthwork, cross sections, and more. Participants will engage in hands-on group learning using layouts, scales, highway curves, and triangles.

Each workshop agenda is specialized and will emphasize just two or three topics. Participants may attend one or all workshops.

Workshop Dates, Location, and Details

No sessions of Institute workshops are currently scheduled.

Who Should Attend

These workshops are for highway design practitioners, planners, and project managers.

More Information

With questions about class content, contact Douglas Carter, P.E., MnDOT State Geometrics Engineer, at


These workshops are sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Transportation and hosted by the Center for Transportation Studies.