Truckers with untreated sleep apnea have higher crash risk

A new study found that truck drivers who fail to adhere to treatment for obstructive sleep apnea are five times more likely to be involved in serious, preventable crashes.

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New modeling for bike and ped traffic to improve planning, safety

Researchers are developing new methods and tools to help transportation engineers estimate bicycle and pedestrian traffic volumes and assess risk.

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Getting drivers to switch to transit requires focus on travel time, urban form

Researchers from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs have explored the effects of travel cost, travel time, and population density on mode choice.

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Driver-assist system developed at U helps keep plows on the road

MnDOT’s District 7 is piloting a snowplow driver-assist system developed by U of M researchers to combat the blowing snow and fog that often cause zero visibility.

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Student pass program provides educational, economic, societal benefits

The Go-To Student Pass Program, a partnership between Minneapolis Public Schools and Metro Transit that allows high school students to use public transportation, offers a range of benefits.

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‘New logistics’ will change the way goods are delivered

U of M experts are exploring how the rise in global trade, online retailing, and business-to-business delivery will affect the road network and transportation infrastructure.

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