Park-and-ride lots, area development are not mutually exclusive at transit stations

Humphrey School researchers studied how far park-and-ride users are willing to walk and which factors influence that willingness.

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Engaging the public in local road funding decisions may lead to better outcomes

In a recent study, U of M researchers sought to better understand stakeholder attitudes, knowledge, and engagement about financing for local road system management.

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As funding gap grows, how do we pay for transportation infrastructure?

The opening session of CTS’s 2017 research conference examined the latest direction in infrastructure funding at the federal level and offered examples of state-level innovation.

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Evolving grain markets, supply chain affect transportation system

Humphrey School researchers have collected data and developed new spatial analysis tools aimed at informing freight transportation policy and infrastructure investment decisions.

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Access to jobs by transit increases in many U.S. metros

Annually updated research from the Accessibility Observatory reports that 36 of the 49 largest metros showed increases in job accessibility by transit.

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Research helps predict red-light running

New technology and methodologies developed at the U of M could provide a low-cost, easy-to-use toolbox for identifying intersections prone to red-light running.

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