Work-zone warnings could soon be delivered to your smartphone

Thanks to a new app being developed by U of M researchers, drivers may soon receive work-zone warnings on their smartphone.

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Volunteer driver programs at risk from changing demographics, ridesharing services

Changing demographics and the rise of ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft could put many volunteer driving programs at risk.

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Building partnerships with tribal communities to improve safety

U of M researchers are working with tribes across Minnesota to understand and mitigate transportation safety risks on tribal lands.

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Bicycling industry, events have economic impact in Minnesota

The bicycling industry in Minnesota produced an estimated $780 million of economic activity in 2014, according to U of M research.

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Kids learn to be seen, be safe at Tech Fest

The Roadway Safety Institute's exhibit on reflectivity and safety was open to visitors at The Works Museum's annual event in February.

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Transportation spending: How does Minnesota compare with other states?

U of M researchers have developed a cost-adjusted approach to systematically compare highway expenses among states.

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