Policies needed to ensure the promise of self-driving vehicles for those unable to drive

Self-driving vehicles could improve mobility and access for those unable to drive, but public policy decisions are needed to ensure an equitable transportation system.

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How equitable is bicycling infrastructure?

U of M researchers looked at this issue using Minneapolis as a case study and found that though inequities still exist, equity is improving.

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New light-rail transit leads to sizable increase in nearby housing values

U of M researchers found that the Green Line lifted the values of houses within a quarter mile of stations in St. Paul.

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Charting a path toward automated speed enforcement

Automated speed enforcement is a promising but contentious countermeasure. U of M researchers are studying its potential deployment in Minnesota.

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Work-zone warnings could soon be delivered to your smartphone

Thanks to a new app being developed by U of M researchers, drivers may soon receive work-zone warnings on their smartphone.

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Volunteer driver programs at risk from changing demographics, ridesharing services

Changing demographics and the rise of ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft could put many volunteer driving programs at risk.

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