June 2018
Using cutting-edge technology and the close-to-campus location of a Twin Cities crash hot spot, researchers have successfully transformed a high-crash stretch of interstate into a testbed for the connected vehicles that could help eliminate these crashes in the future.
On April 30, an innovative demonstration of a self-driving EZ10 All Electric Autonomous Bus offered free rides to students, staff, faculty, and the public across the Washington Avenue Bridge on the University of Minnesota campus. More than 450 people took a three-minute ride across the bridge during the demo.
Despite considerable progress in pavement materials and mechanics, pothole repair has remained an area in which little progress has been made. To make headway in this area, researchers studied critical factors in pothole formation and repair in order to identify solutions that would reduce the occurrence of potholes and increase the durability of repairs.
Researchers in the U’s Transportation Policy and Economic Competitiveness (TPEC) Program are focusing on the important issue of equity in the development and implementation of self-driving vehicles. A TPEC task force identified how various SDV deployment strategies could improve mobility and access for transportation-dependent Minnesotans.