October 2018
Snowplow operators have many tasks to do simultaneously while removing snow and spreading deicers. They often do this challenging work in low-visibility conditions, for long hours at a time. In an extensive line of studies, U of M researchers have developed technologies to help snowplow operators perform their jobs more safely and effectively. The most recent research studied driver-assist systems for three applications: gang plowing, back-up assist, and lane-boundary guidance.
Transportation is one of the largest barriers youth in Minnesota face when seeking employment and training. This is especially so in industries such as construction and agriculture, which often require a mobile workforce, and in retail and service jobs. To better understand the current landscape and investigate possible solutions, the Minnesota Council on Transportation Access sponsored a study this year by U of M researchers.
Currently, there is no measurement method that can be uniformly applied to allow a direct comparison between bridge and road conditions. In a new study, U of M researchers have developed a proposed Percent Remaining Service Interval measure that can uniformly assess the condition of bridges and pavements, enabling planners to make the most efficient use of preservation and improvement funding.
This summer, university students put their skills to work on real-world transportation projects in internships at the Minnesota Department of Transportation and Ramsey County. Seventeen undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of disciplines participated in the two programs, where they got hands-on experience and explored potential careers in transportation.