2019 CTS Transportation Research Conference - Opening Session : Transport and Urban Governance in a Platform-Driven World


Keynote Speaker(s)

Kevin Webb, Co-Director, SharedStreets


  • Steve Elkins, Representative, Minnesota House of Representatives
  • Robin Hutcheson, Director of Public Works, City of Minneapolis
  • Andrew Owen, Director and Research Fellow, Accessibility Observatory, University of Minnesota
  • Russ Stark, Chief Resilience Officer, City of Saint Paul

Many of the challenges governments and transport authorities grapple with today stem from a broader restructuring of our economy and governance systems driven by private-platform technologies. And these challenges are not entirely new: long before the emergence of digital communication technologies, cities faced questions about how to regulate private-sector innovation in providing public services. In this presentation, Kevin Webb explored what we can learn from the history of airline and utilities regulation—as well as retail and consumer finance platforms—and how these lessons can help us manage emerging digital layers of the public realm.

Following Webb’s presentation, a panel of Minnesota leaders and experts shared perspectives on managing digital data in today’s complex transportation industry.

About the Speaker

Kevin Webb co-directs SharedStreets, a non-profit organization that builds tools for public-private collaboration around transport data. Blending technology and policy, SharedStreets is building standards, digital infrastructure, and governance models to support new ways of managing and sharing data about transport systems.