CTS Awards


The Matthew J. Huber Award is given to University of Minnesota graduate students in engineering, science, and technology fields.
The John S. Adams Award is given to University of Minnesota graduate students in policy and planning fields.

The Roadway Safety Institute, the Region 5 University Transportation Center housed at CTS, selects one graduate student each year for the Outstanding Student of the Year Award. The award is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology.

The Richard P. Braun Transportation Scholarship is given to University of Minnesota undergraduate students pursuing degrees related to transportation.

Distinguished Service

The Richard P. Braun Distinguished Service Award is presented annually to a transportation professional for outstanding leadership in research and innovation.
Each year the Ray L. Lappegaard Distinguished Service Award is presented to a transportation professional who displays outstanding leadership, mentorship and support to the profession.
Presented to a professional in the freight transportation and logistics field for leadership and contributions to the education of future leaders in private sector freight transportation.

Distinguished Leadership

This award was established to recognize public leaders who through their vision, leadership and knowledge have influenced innovative transportation policy directions that benefit society.

Research Partnership

This award recognizes research projects within the CTS program that have resulted in significant impacts on transportation, and rewards teams of individuals who have drawn on the strengths of their diverse partnerships to achieve those results.