Kaydee Kirk

Kaydee Kirk
Program Coordinator
University Office Plaza, Suite 440

2221 University Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414
United States

Kaydee Kirk is a program coordinator at the University of Minnesota Center for Transportation
Studies (CTS). She oversees and provides leadership for the development and delivery of outreach
programs and initiatives for a wide range of programs and projects. This includes managing and
administering major conferences and events; coordinating and supporting stakeholder committees
on specific transportation topics; and collaborating to maintain web sites and deliver electronic
newsletters and other communications/information products.

Kirk’s professional experience has been in urban planning, community and economic development,
housing, public engagement, and transportation. Prior to joining the Center in 2010, Kirk was
research manager for a sustainable regional development project at the Center for Urban and
Regional Affairs (CURA). Previously she has worked for the City of Brooklyn Park, the City of
Minneapolis, Lakefront Supportive Housing in Chicago, and the National Council of La Raza in
Washington, DC.

She holds a master's degree in urban and regional planning from the University of Minnesota
Humphrey School of Public Affairs, an Urban Developers Program graduate certificate in community
development and housing from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and a B.A. in metro-urban
studies from Augsburg University.