Arlene Mathison

Arlene Mathison
Director of Information Services


Arlene Mathison, director of information services at CTS, provides leadership for the Center in the delivery of projects and processes that facilitate the flow of information between CTS and researchers, professionals, students, legislative staff and others interested in transportation-related issues. This includes the delivery of communication and information products, the implementation of information management tools and technologies, the coordination of library resources, and publication distribution and promotion. Arlene leads the development and implementation of strategic initiatives for CTS websites. She has also been the project manager for the development of several program websites, including the Roadway Safety Institute, Accessibility Observatory, and She is the managing editor for the Journal for Transport and Land Use, an open-access journal published by CTS.

Arlene has led CTS’ communications and outreach efforts for the Minnesota Council on Transportation Access since 2011, which has included maintenance of the website, webinars, a strategic plan, annual reports, and multiple workshops around the development of local transportation coordination councils.

Prior to joining the University in 2002, Arlene held library and knowledge management positions with Goldman Sachs, Arthur Andersen, and the Dayton Hudson Corporation (now Target). She holds a master’s degree in library science from Simmons College and a BA in sociology from the University of Minnesota.