Spatial Patterns of Information Workers in Six United States Metropolitan Areas

Principal Investigator(s):

Richard Bolan, Former Lecturer, Humphrey School of Public Affairs

Project summary:

The increased number of information technology workers in the United States has affected the shape of metropolitan areas. This project used agent-based modeling to predict how these workers' preferences influence city form and therefore affect transportation needs. Using the U.S. Census Bureau's Transportation Planning Package from 1990 and 2000, the researchers analyzed six U.S. cities -- Atlanta, Austin, Denver, Houston, Phoenix, and Minneapolis-St. Paul -- for the influence of technological development on city form. Findings from the study might be used to influence land-development policies, transportation policies, and environmental policies.


Project details:

  • Project number: 2009041
  • Start date: 01/2000
  • Project status: Completed
  • Research area: Transportation Safety and Traffic Flow
  • Topics: Planning