Saif Benjaafar

Saif Benjaafar
Distinguished McKnight University Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering
Industrial & Systems Engineering
Saif Benjaafar's research is in the areas of supply chain management and logistics. His recent work has focused on developing models and algorithms for coordinating production, inventory, and distribution; optimizing procurement and supplier management; and deploying information technology across the supply chain, including RFID. He is currently involved in research on energy-efficient and sustainable supply chains.

Benjaafar holds Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University and a BS degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. In addition to his teaching post, he is also director of the Industrial & Systems Engineering Division and the Center for Supply Chain Research at the University of Minnesota. He has been a Distinguished Senior Visiting Scientist at Honeywell Laboratories and a Visiting Professor at Ecole Centrale Paris, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, National University of Singapore, and Catholic University Leuven. He has served on the editorial board of several journals including IIE Transactions, NRL, MSOM, POM, and IEEE Transactions, among others. He is a Fellow of IIE.