Transportation, Urban Design and the Environment : Highway 61/Red Rock Corridor


Lance Neckar

January 2003

Report no. CTS 03-04

This report is a combination of two reports (Task 1 and Task 2 and 3) on the Highway 61/Red Rock Commuter Rail Corridor. The Task 1 portion describes the baseline conditions related to subdivision-scaled growth in the corridor, with particular concentration on Cottage Grove, one of the station sites. Also considered are current plans for the downtown St. Paul Union Depot. The Task 2 and 3 portion focuses on issues relating to the relationship between transportation and the environment. An important issue in this study, therefore, is the design and institutional integration of objectives across investments in transit services at a regional scale, public space, and the long-term value of developed private space, especially in suburbia. The report offers designs for new, alternative patterns of regional growth, both urban and suburban, in broad corridors served by commuter rail service. The study also demonstrates the designs' effects on two principal problems of sprawl embodied in the street and highway network that is the bones and circulatory system of growth: 1. Unstratified, single-mode transportation infrastructure designed for peak demand, and 2. Degradation of environmental resources, especially water, the state's namesake resource and a central article of its competitive advantages.

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