Minnesota Snow and Ice Control: Field Handbook for Snowplow Operators

August 2005

Report no. Manual no. 2005-01

The purpose of this field handbook is to help promote the understanding of the tools, best practices, and limitations for snow and ice control. The handbook will also help you understand when to use and when not to use these tools and practices. In addition, it encourages progressive changes in snow and ice control practices that will help you reduce salt/sand use and environmental impacts while meeting the safety and mobility needs of roadway users.

Improved practices such as anti-icing, prewetting, and pretreating are emphasized in this field handbook. Also included are standard best practices expected in a quality snow and ice control program.

A blanket approach will not work for the broad range of conditions Minnesota experiences; different strategies are needed for different regions and different conditions. We encourage you to continue to test, document, and refine the practices from this field handbook.

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