MIMIC sensor technology for highway vehicle applications : potential and challenges for the future


Craig Shankwitz, Max Donath

March 1995

Report no. Mn/DOT 1995-10

Recent advances in MIMIC (MIllimeter Monolithic Integrated Circuit) radar technology play an important role in the development of automated highway systems and automated vehicle control systems. This report presents results of a preliminary investigation into MIMIC-based automotive radar technology and makes recommendations for hardware evaluation.

MIMIC technology integrates much of the radar transmitted, receiver, and signal processing hardware onto a one- or two-piece chip set. Massive integration leads to lower manufacturing costs and lower product costs. Moreover, this integration reduces the size of hardware, allowing the radar components to be installed in the vehicle without the need for significant modifications. As radar systems become smaller and cheaper, the demand for these systems will increase.

Radar systems affect both the vehicles so equipped and other vehicles within a reasonable proximity. Before vehicles equipped with radar systems travel on public roads, their effects on traffic flow and highway safety must be investigated so that proper regulations can be developed and enforced.

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