Methods to Incorporate Historic Surface Hydrology Layer in Mn/Model [Phase 4] Using Existing Geographic Information System Data


Stacey Stark, Patrice Farrell, Susan Mulholland

May 2008

Report no. Mn/DOT 2008-13



The goal of this research was to develop methods for identifying indicators of historic and prehistoric surface hydrologic features in available Geographic Information System (GIS) data to create a GIS layer representing relict hydrography for inclusion in Mn/Model, Mn/DOT?s statewide archaeological predictive model. This research addresses the limitation imposed on the current predictive model by the absence of historic and prehistoric surface water features, such as drained lakes and wetlands. Because several important variables are derived from surface hydrography in Mn/Model, the use of historic/prehistoric hydrologic features, instead of strictly modern features, will greatly improve its predictive accuracy. This research resulted in an automated tool, developed using ArcGIS ModelBuilder and based on ESRI ArcGIS ArcInfo 9.2 (ESRI 2005), that can be used on any county in the state where the input data are available.

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