Development of scaled measures of user and citizen satisfaction with Mn/DOT services


Robert Hansen

February 1996

Report no. Mn/DOT 1996-15

This report investigates the application of customer satisfaction concepts and measures to Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) operations. It defines the terms customer and customer satisfaction, estimates the cost of collecting customer satisfaction information, discusses related research and management activities, and makes recommendations.

Specific research findings include the following:

* The measurement of customer satisfaction primarily occurs in the private sector.

* The straightforward definitions of customer and customer satisfaction can be translated to fit public sector needs.

* Specifying customers and measuring their satisfaction are deceptively difficult and require input from top management.

* Developing and implementing a customer satisfaction measurement system takes time and requires a significant financial investment.

* Initial customer satisfaction projects suffer from a higher than average failure rate, often caused by lack of planning before execution.

* Segments of the public may view design and implementation of customer satisfaction measures as wasteful, especially if the project is not successful.

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