Development of on-line control strategies in freeway networks, phase 2 : final report


Yorgos Stephanedes, Xiao Liu, Lu Liu, Bernard Michel

May 1998

Report no. Mn/DOT P2002-02

Most traffic-responsive freeway ramp metering systems select metering rates from predetermined rate libraries. The efficiency of such systems is impaired by the lack of an efficient analysis tool that can evaluate and update the thresholds and rate libraries used by the meter controllers. In this project, a control-emulation method is developed to evaluate various automatic rateselection strategies; the new modeling features of this system are described in detail. Various rate selection strategies (based on neural network processing, exit ramp volume, and real time bottleneck/dynamic zone determination) are described and evaluated in comparison with the current Minneapolis-St. Paul strategy. An online traffic volume predictor based on Kalman filtering is developed, and integrated into the control-emulation module. A simulated annealing optimization algorithm, previously implemented on a supercomputer, is re-implemented on a personal computer and integrated into the simulation module.

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