An On-Board Emissions and Performance Measurement System (OEPMS) for Measuring Carbon Monoxide Emission During Cold-Start


Jason Johnson , David Kittelson

May 1999

Report no. Mn/DOT 1999-39



This report describes the results of a project to develop an on-board emissions and performance measurement system (OEPMS) for the quantification of carbon monoxide (CO) emissions. Researchers measured emissions from a 1990, 2.5 liter TBI engine passenger automobile over a typical suburb-to-city commute in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area. As a test of the OEPMS, researchers measured CO emissions during cold weather cold starts and commutes at temperatures characteristic of the area's winter weather. Open-loop and closed-loop emissions of CO were measured and compared. Additionally, the effectiveness of magnetic-type block heaters was examined. Tests with the OEPMS provided a wide range of results. The OEPMS proved very durable and easily adaptable for a wide variety of testing. The OEPMS holds promise for future research into fuels, emissions reducing technologies, regulations, and commute habits in real world situations.

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