An Evaluation of the Cambridge Telework Center: Commuting Time and Distance, Work Attitudes, Job Performance, and Financial Impact


Paul Sackett, Daniel Magan, Daniel Ostgaard

January 1998

Report no. MnDOT 1999-24

This report summarizes an evaluation of the first year of the Cambridge Te1ework Center, where Minnesota Department of Transportation employee volunteers work one or two days a week instead of commuting to Twin Cities sites. Researchers surveyed participants and their supervisors at the beginning of their involvement, six months later, and a final survey a year later. The surveys asked questions about commuting time and distance, expectations about and experiences with telework, job satisfaction, and reduced stress. One year later, the two groups reported that most of these expectations were met, and they rated their telework experience as positive. However, according to direct measurements, teleworker job satisfaction and commitment to the organization remained unchanged from the program's start to one year later. The same proved true with job performance.

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