Changes on tap for Catalyst newsletter, CTS website

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Last year CTS assessed the effectiveness of our communications mechanisms, including Catalyst, our website, and social media. We collected data—thank you for your survey responses!—and reviewed the latest communications trends.

In response, we landed on a set of adjustments. Beginning in September, we will move to a digital-first approach in which new stories will be published weekly on our website. This will allow for more timeliness and searchability, as well as a more robust social media presence. We will not publish a newsletter in September.

In October, we’ll roll out our new approach for Catalyst. We’ll start sending a monthly email—called Catalyst First Look—compiling all recent posts from our website. We’ll also launch a refreshed print Catalyst newsletter, published bimonthly, that features selected stories.

Current subscribers to the print and electronic editions of Catalyst will continue to receive the corresponding updated publications. If you’d like to change your subscriptions, please fill out our survey.

Combined, these changes will bring you the news you expect and value, in ways that meet evolving needs and preferences. We look forward to a new start!


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