2021 CTS Annual Report

Elevating the Impact

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Kyle Shelton

Measuring and broadening impact is a critical goal of any institution. The University of Minnesota System is committed to this goal and is working to ensure that all research, outreach, and service work undertaken improves the quality of life for Minnesotans—and that we share insights created at the U with the world.

At CTS, we wholly embrace this commitment and work every day with our partners to ensure that each project addresses critical transportation issues. Our impacts take multiple forms, and these are visible in the projects highlighted in our annual impacts report. We are pleased to share this brief view of our work with you.

—Kyle Shelton, CTS director


5 patent/license applications; 5 granted

22 proposals secured by interdisciplinary research teams

61 research reports published

98 faculty and staff with research projects

124 active projects


60 committees, councils, task forces, and other stakeholder groups convened

200 media stories referencing U transportation research and outreach

1,184 participants at events

24,005 subscribers of publications and social media


23 students participating in CTS-facilitated internships

98 U students participating in research projects

3,567 participants in customized training and technical assistance programs