Leaders, students recognized at CTS awards ceremony

CTS presented the following awards during our Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon in May. Congratulations to this year’s recipients!

Richard P. Braun Distinguished Service Award

Laurie McGinnis
Laurie McGinnis

This award, which recognizes outstanding leadership in research and innovation, was presented to Laurie McGinnis, director of CTS from 2010 to 2021. 

McGinnis led the Center in identifying program opportunities, securing funding, directing programs, and establishing future directions in transportation research, education, and outreach with the involvement of faculty and research staff from 33 departments.

McGinnis’s longtime colleague and MnDOT assistant commissioner Tim Henkel shared a few words about her role as a research champion and innovator: “While examples are many, one of Laurie’s most important and recent contributions is the Accessibility Observatory. All travel is driven by the need to reach a destination. How well individuals are able to meet that goal depends on how fast they can travel, where they are, and the location of their destination.”

Henkel noted, “Innovators listen and take action. Laurie did just that by bringing together expertise from across the country to establish the Accessibility Observatory, which works to change the way we understand end-to-end transportation.”

Distinguished Public Leadership Award

Margaret Anderson Kelliher
Margaret Anderson Kelliher

Margaret Anderson Kelliher, director of the Minneapolis Department of Public Works, received this award, which recognizes public leaders who have influenced innovative transportation policy directions.

Kelliher previously served as MnDOT commissioner, where she oversaw investments to build safer roads and bridges and improve mobility for people walking and biking statewide. She is also a former member of the Minnesota House of Representatives and served as Speaker from 2007 to 2011.

Colleague, friend, constituent, and former MnDOT Commissioner Charles Zelle shared: “Margaret’s quick grasp of technical details—along with a nuanced understanding of competing interests—gives her the distinct ability to manage challenging situations to positive results. From orchestrating the legislative veto override that saved Minnesota transportation to leading MnDOT during COVID and increased infrastructure investment, we have much to appreciate.”

Ray L. Lappegaard Distinguished Service Award

Dave Montebello
Dave Montebello

This award, which honors outstanding leadership, mentorship, and support for the transportation profession, was presented to Dave Montebello, SRF Consulting Group’s board chairman. 

Montebello also worked for MnDOT and Wright County during his 43-year career. He has developed transportation policy and performance-based plans for MnDOT, the Met Council, and many local governments.

“Dave is an outstanding professional who has brought a great deal of integrity and leadership to our industry,” said Todd Polum, president and CEO of SRF Consulting Group. “He’s provided keen insights to the development of many local, regional, and state initiatives, allowing for more informed and strategic investments for both our communities and transportation systems. Dave has also been a valuable mentor to many, willing to share his own experiences and perspectives.”

William K. Smith Distinguished Service Award

Michael Loney
Michael Loney

Michael Loney, a senior logistics manager with Medtronic, received this award in recognition of his leadership, mentorship, and education of future leaders in private-sector freight transportation. 

With more than 20 years of supply chain experience, Loney’s primary focus is sourcing a global multimodal transportation management system. He has also worked in carrier operations, distribution management, operations management, and corporate transportation roles.

Bill Goins, a longtime member of the Minnesota Freight Advisory Committee (MFAC), said: “From Michael’s days in transportation with UPS, his management responsibilities at Medtronic, and his experience in several supply chain functions, he has built a solid industry background. Michael is always willing to share his knowledge and experience with others by participating in interviews for research studies, supporting MFAC, and participating in educational events, conferences, and public-private academic efforts.”

Matthew J. Huber Student Award

This award, named in honor of the late Professor Emeritus Matthew J. Huber, is presented to University of Minnesota graduate students demonstrating outstanding academic achievement in engineering, science, and technology fields. Kathryn Kramarczuk, a master’s student in water resources science, and Shi’an Wang, a doctoral candidate in civil engineering, received this year’s awards

Shi’an Wang
Shi’an Wang
Kathryn Kramarczuk
Kathryn Kramarczuk

Andy Erickson, research manager at the U’s St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, has worked with Kramarczuk for more than two years. “Kathryn’s research will contribute a ‘ready-to-install’ treatment practice that can help local, state, and national transportation agencies remove pollutants from road runoff,” Erickson said. “She is passionate about wanting clean water for everyone, and I know she’ll carry that passion forward in whatever she does.”

Michael Levin, assistant professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering (CEGE) and Wang’s advisor, has worked with Wang for nearly three years. “Shi’an is by far the most independent PhD student I know,” Levin said. “He problem-solves and finds novel ways to apply interdisciplinary methodologies in the transportation field, including the areas we’ve been working on: automated vehicles, parking infrastructure, and where and when to give incentives.”

Kramarczuk and Wang’s nominators also recognized them for their perseverance in overcoming challenges brought on by the pandemic.

Richard P. Braun Transportation Scholarship

Noah Gallagher, an undergraduate student in environmental engineering, received this year’s scholarship. It is awarded to University of Minnesota undergraduate students pursuing degrees related to transportation who have demonstrated academic merit and leadership skills.

Co-advisors Andy Erickson and John Gulliver, CEGE professor emeritus, have worked with Gallagher for just over a year. “While working on stormwater treatment projects, Noah has proven himself in the laboratory, in the field, and in using theory to analyze results,” they wrote in his nomination letter. “He is persistent and goes the extra distance to finish a task, displaying his leadership skills when called for.”

Gallagher’s nominators also noted his willingness to work through obstacles caused by the pandemic.

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