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The Transportation and Regional Growth Study was a research and educational effort designed to aid the Twin Cities region in understanding the relationship of transportation and land use. This study was an effort to better understand the linkages between land use, community development and transportation in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

This Web site is available as an information resource, but is no longer being updated since the study is complete.

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Report available: Case Studies of Development in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan Region

This report describes the decisions made by four Twin-Cities area towns to influence new housing development and manage municipal revenue generation and service provision through property tax. The effects of these decisions are especially important for the area's K-12 educational systems, whose increased burden in reaction to development, combined with a lack of administrative and geogaphical continuity with individual municipalities, is viewed as a pressing concern by the authors.

Report examines transit-supportive urban development strategies

Study suggests ways to address congestion and sprawl

Market Choices and Fair Prices is a synthesis of findings from the five-year study with wide ramifications for state legislators and transportation policymakers. The TRG study, now nearing completion, was administered by the Center for Transportation Studies (CTS) at the University of Minnesota. “Minnesota’s economy, environment and state competitiveness are at stake when it comes to transportation and development policy,” said Robert Johns, CTS director. “We’re at a crossroads, and the TRG Study will guide policymakers toward decisions that will benefit all Minnesotans.”

'Genetic code of sprawl' encourages suburban-style development, researcher says

Mapping the dynamics of growth and decline around Minnesota's regional centers

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