Mary Vogel

Director, Center for Changing Landscapes, College of Design

College of Design
Room 1
85 Church St S.E.
Minneapolis, MN

Mary Vogel co-directs the Center for Changing Landscapes—an interdisciplinary research and outreach center that combines design expertise with science—with Alan Ek, chair of the Department of Forest Resources Department. Vogel has led community design efforts in the metropolitan area and throughout Minnesota that address transportation systems, environmental issues, recreational opportunities, economic development strategies, personal safety issues, neighborhood stabilization, and community enhancement. Her work has emphasized land use as a critical component of transportation systems

She has led efforts that have included:

  • Using design to depict how a light-rail system could be effectively sited along University Avenue instead of locating it in the I-94 trench 
  • Working with the local neighborhoods to create station area plans for the proposed Hiawatha Light Rail Line as required for receiving federal funding
  • Working with local communities along I-394 to create land-use plans associated with transit station locations that will enhance transit use
  • Documenting recreational trails throughout Minnesota and creating a framework for their expansion and enhancement
  • Personal safety research in collaboration with the Saint Paul Planning and Economic Development Department, leading to the handbook Design for Saint Paul Public Safety: A Guide for Making a Safer Public Realmnd it is used by many other cities as well.

Vogel received her Master of Architecture degree from the University of Minnesota.