Transitway Impacts Research Program: Research Projects and Publications

The Transitway Impacts Research Program (TIRP) answers questions about the economic, travel, and community impacts of transitway corridors in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. The research program is measuring the impacts of transitways on property values, land use and housing mix, businesses, travel behavior, environment and public health, safety, and community cohesion.

Active Research


  • Impact of Transitways on Travel on Parallel and Adjacent Roads
    Principal Investigator: Alireza Khani
  • Addressing Accessibility and Equity along Transitways: Towards a Mixed Methods Toolkit
    Principal Investigator: Tom Fisher

Completed Research

synthesis cover

Research Synthesis: Transforming Community

The synthesis pulls together findings from TIRP studies completed from 2006-2013 as well as findings from two related projects. It summarizes the actual and projected impacts of transitways on the Twin Cities region, offering lessons learned to help guide the build-out of the rest of the network most effectively. It concludes with a set of implications for policymakers.

Affiliated Research