Transportation Research: Making an Impact Series

Driver-Assist Systems (2018)

Driver-assist systems help keep snowplow drivers on the road — even in low-visibility conditions. The technology helped MnDOT and the State Patrol rescue stranded motorists during a 2016 storm in southwest Minnesota.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Counting Initiative (2018)

The Minnesota Bicycle and Pedestrian Counting Initiative is a collaborative effort launched by the Minnesota Department of Transportation in 2011 to encourage nonmotorized traffic monitoring across the state. U of M researchers have been key partners in the initiative since its inception.

Perceiving Waiting Times at Transit Stops (2018)

This study explored the impact of transit shelters and other amenities on riders' perceptions of wait times. University of Minnesota researchers found that several factors can have a measurable impact.

Research Projects

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TPEC Program: A Foundation for Analysis and Decision Making (2018)

An efficient and innovative transportation system is critical for economic vitality. The Transportation Policy and Economic Competitiveness (TPEC) Program is building a foundation to make that system a reality.

U of M Research Puts Blowing Snow in Its Place (2017)

An overview of three projects focused on living snow fences. Collectively, this work won the 2017 CTS Research Partnership Award.

Job Vacancies & the Unemployed: Fixing the Mismatch (2016)

Unemployed, transit-dependent workers are often caught between a rock and a hard place: they may be qualified for suburban jobs they have no way to get to, but unqualified for downtown jobs they could easily reach by transit. These two statements describe the interconnected problems of spatial mismatch and skills mismatch. This video recaps a study that analyzed conditions in the Twin Cities metropolitan area and laid out an approach for reconciling those mismatches by coordinating transit planning, job training, and job placement services.

Monitoring Truck Parking Availability (2016)

An overview of the 2016 CTS Research Partnership Award winning project, A Comprehensive System for Assessing Truck Parking Availability.

Better Designs for Minnesota Concrete Pavements (2015)

An overview of the 2015 CTS Research Partnership Award winning MnPAVE–Rigid concrete pavement design tool development project.

Minnesota: Where Every Step Counts (2014)

An overview of the 2014 CTS Research Partnership Award winning Minnesota Bicycle and Pedestrian Counting Initiative.

Improving Asphalt Pavements in Cold Climates (2013)

An overview of the 2013 CTS Research Partnership Award winner, a pooled-fund project studying low-temperature cracking of asphalt pavement.

CrashHelp (Tri-County Hospital, 2013)

CrashHelp is a smartphone-based system that enables emergency responders to collect multimedia data about crash victims on-scene and send it directly into emergency rooms, helping hospitals best prepare for a patient's arrival.

SMART Signal (2012)

SMART Signal, a system designed by University researchers to improve arterial traffic flow, collects traffic data from signal controllers and generates real-time performance measures. Engineers can use this information to improve signal timing and reduce congestion.

Mobile Accessible Pedestrian Signal (2012)

The prototype Mobile Accessible Pedestrian Signal (MAPS) system uses a smartphone app, GPS, and other technologies to help people with limited or no eyesight cross signalized intersections safely.

Safe Teen Car System (2011)

The prototype Safe Teen Car System was developed by researchers from the ITS Institute's HumanFIRST Laboratory and private research company Westat to help teens develop safer driving habits. The system monitors known risk factors for teen drivers and provides real-time feedback and adaptation strategies to the driver when risks are detected.

Teen Driver Support System (2010)

The Teen Driver Support System (TDSS) uses a GPS-enabled smartphone mounted on a vehicle's dashboard to provide a teen driver with real-time visual and audio feedback about driving performance.

CTS Annual Highlights

Celebrating 30 Years of Innovation: Access to Destinations (2017)

A look back at innovations in accessibility, a key CTS research area, during our first 30 years (1987-2017).

Celebrating 30 Years of Innovation: Traffic Operations (2017)

A look back at innovations in traffic operations, a key CTS research area, during our first 30 years (1987-2017).

Celebrating 30 Years of Innovation: Pavement Design  (2017)

A look back at innovations in pavement design, another key CTS research area, during our first 30 years (1987-2017).

CTS Highlights: Accessibility, Jobs and Transit, Bridge Monitoring, and Transportation Camp (2016)

Highlights at CTS for 2015-2016 include several research projects and our 2015 summer camp for K-12 students. 

How does University of Minnesota transportation research make a difference? (2015)

Research highlights at CTS for 2014-2015 include hardier roadside grasses, tribal transportation safety, left-turn safety, maximizing system performance, clear roads in winter, well-rested truckers, increased transit ridership, more efficient buses, safer teen drivers, understanding travel behavior, better asphalt pavements, and healthy lakes and rivers.

CTS Research Highlights: Accessibility, Economic Vitality, Safety, and Transit (2014)

Research highlights at CTS for 2013-2014 include measuring accessibility, supporting statewide economic vitality, developing a "super hybrid" bus, warning drivers about safety hazards, spurring transit-oriented development, and improving Minnesota's transportation system.

Research Highlights: Pedestrians, Roundabouts, Bikes, and Storm Water (2013)

Research highlights at CTS during 2012-2013 include the development of an smartphone app for visually impaired pedestrians, examining pedestrian and bicyclist safety in roundabouts, counting bike and pedestrian traffic on trails for better urban planning, and improving water quality by filtering phosphorous from storm water.

Meeting Transportation Challenges with Real-World Solutions (2012)

Highlights of 2011-12 showing how CTS and the University of Minnesota fuel transportation innovations to provide real-world solutions.

Sowing the Seeds of Collaboration (2011)

Annual highlights video from April 2011.


Where Are They Now? University of Minnesota Transportation Graduates (2014)

Four recent graduates from the University of Minnesota discuss how their transportation-related classes and activities helped them find their current positions and advance their careers.

2013 Summer Transportation Internship Program (2013)

Interviews with the student participants of the 2013 summer internship program.

Students Gain Real-World Experience Through MnDOT Internship Program (2013)

Overview of the 2012 MnDOT Internship Program featuring interviews with student interns and MnDOT's Sue Mulvihill.

Intelligent Transportation Systems: Your Road to the Future (2011)

This video, produced by the ITS Institute, offers a snapshot of the rewarding career opportunities in the field of intelligent transportation systems (ITS).

Gridlock Buster (2009)

A video showcasing Gridlock Buster, an online traffic control game based on tools and ideas that traffic control engineers use in their everyday work.

Training and Technical Assistance

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