Videos demonstrate the impacts of transportation research

Video on apple computerDuring the Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony, CTS launched an ongoing series of videos about the impacts of research. The series will take a high-level look at recent studies, focusing on the benefits and impacts to users. The short videos feature interviews with the people who implement research—such as MnDOT and Metro Transit staff—to improve Minnesota’s transportation systems.

The first video talks about an initiative that led to improved methods for monitoring and assessing bicycle and pedestrian traffic. The overall goal is to help local jurisdictions as they plan and invest in infrastructure (see story in the April 2017 Catalyst). Professor Greg Lindsey of the Humphrey School of Public Affairs led the research efforts.

The second video discusses how transit shelters and other amenities can change riders’ perceptions of wait times. A shelter can make the wait seem shorter, for example, whereas for women, unsafe conditions can make the wait seem longer. The findings help agencies plan, market, and evaluate service (see story in the January 2015 Catalyst). The principal investigator was Associate Professor Yingling Fan of the Humphrey School.

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