CTS at the 2010 Minnesota State Fair

Friday, August 27, 2010 - 9:00am
United States

CTS and the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Institute showcased a variety of transportation-related attractions for fair-goers of all ages at the 2010 Great Minnesota Get-Together. Visitors to the University of Minnesota building on August 27 and September 3 chatted with CTS staff and checked out the latest transportation innovations.

Fair-goers of all ages played Gridlock Buster, an interactive traffic-control game designed by the ITS Institute and Web Courseworks. The game incorporates tools and ideas used by traffic engineers every day to give players a taste of what it’s like to manage traffic flow. Since its original online posting, the game has been played 1.9 million times.

Adult visitors viewed SafeRoadMaps.org, a powerful and visually innovative crash-mapping tool that maps every roadway fatality in the nation, down to the local level.

Transportation Jeopardy was also featured again this year. Contestants competed for cool prizes by testing their transportation knowledge in classic Jeopardy fashion. This year's emcees were Michael Marti, SRF Consulting Group, on August 27, and Don Theisen, Washington County public works director, on September 3.