Effects of Signing and Striping on the Safety of a Two-Lane Roundabout

Thursday, February 13, 2014 - 3:00pm

About the Event

This presentation highlighted a study that focused on the impact of lane markings and signing on driving behavior in a two-lane roundabout located in Richfield, Minnesota. After its completion in 2008, this roundabout sustained a suspiciously high number of crashes. The same alarming trend has been identified on all two-lane roundabouts operating in the metro area. 

In this study, engineers experimented with changes in the Richfield roundabout’s signs and lane markings. Roundabout design regulations are new and non-specific in contrast to those for standard signalized intersections. The presentation reviewed the changes and show how they helped reduce improper turn violations and the number of drivers choosing the incorrect lane.


John Hourdos is the director of the Minnesota Traffic Observatory at the University of Minnesota. His research interests include microscopic simulation, traffic model calibration, and incident detection and prevention.