Resilient Communities Project: A Model of Community-University Collaborative Engagement

Thursday, September 26, 2013 -
3:00pm to 4:00pm

About the Event

The presentation will highlight the Resilient Communities Project (RCP), a new university-community collaboration to advance sustainable and resilient outcomes. The RCP offers a new model of university outreach, organized around a sustained one-year partnership with a single Minnesota community. During the partnership year, RCP staff match between 15-30 locally identified projects with graduate-level courses across the University of Minnesota. 

The presenters will share information about the RCP program, as well as details about projects completed during last year’s partnership withthe City of Minnetonka and RCP’s new partnership with the City of North St. Paul. Among the diverse range of projects are a number that focus on transportation topics. In addition to offering innovation in outreach, RCP also serves as an important model for advanced cross-disciplinary and experiential learning opportunities—both of which are critical for advancing sustainability education.


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Carissa Schively Slotterback, director of the Resilient Communities Project, is an associate professor at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs. Her research is focused on stakeholder involvement and decision-making related to environmental, land-use, and transportation planning. She has a particular interest in how stakeholders perceive impacts and use information in making decisions, focusing on impact assessment, collaborative decision-making, and sustainability planning approaches.

Mike Greco, program manager of the Resilient Communities Project Program Manager, is the communications coordinator for the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs. He is also an adjunct faculty member in the Humphrey School's Master of Urban and Regional Planning Program. He serves on the Dakota County Planning Commission, as well as local and regional advisory committees on urban planning issues and sustainability.