Accessibility Now and in the Future

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - 2:45pm

About the Event

This presentation will discuss the techniques developed for a 2010 accessibility evaluation of the Twin Cities metropolitan region as part of the interdisciplinary Access to Destinations project. The 2010 accessibility evaluation sought to generate an accurate representation of accessibility in 2010 and to identify data sources, methods, and metrics that can be used in future evaluations.

The seminar will include a discussion of the methodology that can be used to implement future evaluations of accessibility, including a discussion of the development and use of software tools created for this evaluation. Study recommendations for the future will also be shared, such as the importance of standardizing data sources and parameters to ensure comparability between multiple evaluations over time. Other highlights include the need for data sources and methodology that provide a good representation of actual conditions, are based on measurements rather than models, and are usable with a minimum of manual processing and technical expertise.

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David Levinson is a professor of civil engineering at the University of Minnesota and co-leader of the Access to Destinations study. His current research focuses on understanding the process of network growth, evaluating transportation technology and policy, and modeling travel behavior.

Andrew Owen is a graduate student at the University of Minnesota, where he is pursuing master's degrees in civil engineering and urban and regional planning. His research interests include network structure, travel behavior, transit systems, and multimodal accessibility.